Yoonha ( Pepper ) Kim
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Mixed Reality Fashion Workshop An on-going event, where artist, designers and developers gather to prototype and discuss how we will visually express ourselves in the future.

Through conducting fieldwork in digital fashion designer’s studios, I found out that each designer has different ideas on the concept of ‘wearing pixels’.  I wanted to discover diverse options of what it could mean with designers and engineers. That is how Mixed Reality Fashion workshop started in 2017.

Not a lot of fashion designers are familiar with 3D rendering programs or AR technologies, and engineers working on a fashion project are rare to find. Bringing them together to widen their horizons with constructive exchanges on the future of self-expression is the goal of the workshop. After successfully completing the first workshop,  I co-organized the next event with Daniel Otto at Kunsthalle am Hamburgerplatz in 2018. The following workshop was held in Prague, 31 May - 2 June 2019 with Zil Vostalova. We dream of an open community of people interested in ‘wearing pixels’, where anyone can start a group project, initiate a workshop and connect with experts in different fields.